Our Committee

 Our Committee

Hilina Benson

The SCULSS President has many roles including the facilitation of meetings, liaising with various student and external bodies, overseeing the events and activities presented by SCULSS and upholding morale and professionalism within the Law Student Society.   

Vice President Administration
Katelyn Trevithick
The VP Administration has responsibilities that include recording and maintaining meeting minutes and updating SCULSS social media and other online communication with meeting schedules and information.

Vice President Finance
The VP Finance acts as a signatory to the SCULSS bank account. Other responsibilities include composing finance reports and maintaining expenditure and transaction records.

Vice President Education
Rai Mollenhauer
The VP Education has responsibilities that include attendance to ALSA council and conference meetings, assistance with publications and researching issues that are applicable law students within SCU and Australia as a whole.

Vice President Careers and Activities
Cera Godinez
The VP Careers and Activities shall provide career, internship and volunteer opportunity information to law students. They must also liaise with the School of Law and Justice, organise the annual Law Dinner and distribute event information.

Careers and Activities Assistant
Sonja Blair
The Careers and Activities Assistant but assist the VP Careers/Activities in their role where needed.

LLB, BLJS and ADL Representatives
Lucinda Wass (LLB)
The LLB, BLJS and ADL Representatives must represent the student cohort at various meetings, liaise with students and the School of Law and Justice in regards to student concerns where appropriate, maintain contact and follow up concerns with students and attend School Board meetings.

Third and Fourth Year Representatives
Alison Dawes and Shane Finch

Year Representatives must represent their respective cohort year within SCULSS. They must liaise with students and raise concerns in meetings where appropriate and be willing to provide communication to the cohort regarding their year of study.

External Representative
Emma Lewis
The External Representative must represent the external cohort, and raise concerns in meetings where required. They must also provide any relevant information on particular services, events and opportunities that are available to external students. 

Gold Coast Representative
The GC Representative is responsible for the management and coordination for events held at the GC Campus. They must be willing to liaise with the GC student cohort and raise any concerns at SCULSS meetings where appropriate. The GC Representative must also work with any committee members on the GC to identify ways to improve the student experience at the GC Campus.

Equity Officer
Caitlin Esposito
The Equity Officer has a range of responsibilities that include distributing information on health and wellbeing, assisting in the coordination of health and wellbeing events, acting as a representative to all law students regarding equity matters, liaising with students in regards to equity concerns where appropriate and ensuring that all students are equally represented and have equal access to SCULSS events, information and meetings.

Competitions Officer
The Competitions Officer has the responsibility of coordinating, organising and promoting competitions for all law students at SCU. They must organise prizes and participation certificates and set the terms and conditions for each competition.

Publications Officer
Rachel Mallard
The Publications Officer is responsible for the printing, binding and distribution of the Agitator and for liaising with students and external organisations to gain contributions to the Agitator. They must also regularly update the SCULSS external website.

Mentoring Coordinator (Gold Coast and Lismore)
Ruby Eno
The Mentoring Coordinators are responsible for liaising with law students regarding mentoring queries. They must also liaise with University programs like UniMentor to distribute information for mentoring and health and wellbeing programs and events.

Social Media Officer
Claudia Castle
The Social Media Officer is responsible for updating all SCULSS social media sites with information regarding upcoming events, students’ experiences or anything which may interest the cohort of SCU law students.

Sponsorship Officer
Lisa Mizeko
The Sponsorship Officer has the responsibility of updating the yearly SCULSS prospectus and seeking sponsorship from various law firms and law bodies in conjunction with other committee members.